Business Intelligence Solutions


Choose the shortest way to performance with our solutions of Business Intelligence: Data - Information - Knowledge

Data in your company represent a precious "experience" asset that must be valued, transformed into information and knowledge that will bring you an important competitive advantage. Business Intelligence Our solutions monitor and correlate all the levels of company activities, positively influencing its performances. Through configuration and specific attributes, our Business Intelligence solutions provide you the ideal tool in drafting of analyses, statistics and reports, extremely useful for business decision making. 

We offer you performant, modern and flexible solutions that will increase your efficiency, add value to your activity, but also provide harmonization with the legislation in force.

We recommend you a mature portfolio of Business Intelligence solutions, validated by successful implementations:

  • SIVECO Business Analyzer - a high performance Information Management System, capable to be adapted and customized according to the business particularities of any company. Already a reference product on the Romanian market, SIVECO Business Analyzer has been successful implemented both in the private and public sector;
  • SIVECO Balanced ScoreCard - Software solution for strategic management and a latest generation information product launched on the Romanian market, able to monitor, analyze and compare the organization's performance in order to improve it. Placing the strategy at the center, the proposed solution provides the beneficiary with relevant information regarding the manner in which the organization is heading towards reaching its strategic objectives. 

Through the Business Intelligence Solutions we give you the real possibility to understand:

  • what is happening = Reporting 
  • why it is happening = Analysis 
  • what can happen if? = Forecast.