Document Management


IT-Based management puts your documents in order!

The demand for efficient Document Management software applications is growing. This is true both for the private and the public institutions. The main driver of this trend is represented by the increased competition in all areas of the economic field, both against other Romanian companies as well as European competitors.

In the digital communications era, document management receives a new and strengthened purpose. This concept nominates, presently, the sum of all the instruments allowing the circulation, processing, storage and retrieval at any time of the documents in an institution.

By providing multiple facilities for connecting to complementary information systems, the Document Management applications mainly aim at streamlining and automating the documents circulation, regardless of their shape and support (hardcopy, electronic).

Our experience in developing Document Management solutions is significant. The brand product of the Romanian software house in this segment is represented by SIVADOC.

Representing for customers an investment with both short and long term results, SIVADOC solves critical problems for organizations regarding:

  • electronic archiving
  • the workflow
  • indexing
  • searching
  • security
  • document management
  • integration.

Bringing together complex functionalities, SIVADOC standardizes in a controlled way, the monitoring, security, movement and archiving of all the documents of the organization's current activities.

Our experience of implementing the SIVADOC proprietary solution in various types of organizations showed on average a reduction by 70-80% of the communication time and a consistent reduction of the time spent for carrying out various activity reports.

Through SIVADOC all information is accessible directly from the information system, while the system provides means to synthesize information. The SIVADOC implementation at the organization level will lead to enhancing the quality of processing documents, reducing the physical documents archive and also the storage space.

The bottom line, SIVADOC provides organizations with an easy manner of generating, managing and archiving documents of any nature that support their activity. We mean here a very wide documents range, from simple text documents, to electronic messages, faxes, scanned documents and even images.

We develop and implement Documents Management solutions of European level.

The quality of information capitalized by companies depends, essentially, on the efficiency of documents management. The decison making mechanisms are based, on their turn, on the efficacious and efficient use of information.

Understanding the importance of electronic documents management, our specialists came up with the specialized Document Management solution - SIVADOC.

Through its complex functionalities, SIVADOC facilitates fast and safe communication between departments, allowing employees - relieved by routine activities, to allocate more time to documents processing. Irrespective of the documents form - electronic, traditional or mixed – our company standardizes and automates the procedures of recording and storing different categories of acts.

Finalist of the European IT Excellence Awards 2010, in the category Solution Provider

The SIVADOC (Documents and Workflow Management) solution implemented at the STX RO Offshore Tulcea (former AKER Tulcea Shipyard), received the title of Finalist of the European IT Excellence Awards 2010, in the category Solution Provider.



SIVADOC - the documents and workflows management system has been successfully implemented in numerous public and private organizations, including:

  • Bucharest City Hall 
  • National Authority for Regulation in Communication
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - The Payments and Interventions Agency for Agriculture 
  • Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation 
  • Polytechnic University of Bucharest 
  • Aker Tulcea 
  • S.C. GRIRO S.A. 
  • S.C. Congaz S.A. Constanta 
  • S.C. Hidroserv Hateg S.A. 
  • Banca Transilvania 
  • BRD - Groupe Société Générale.