IT- based solutions for better healthcare services

Our eHealth solutions aim at the efficient functioning of the Romanian health insurance system, improving medical and pharmaceutical services, adopting European standards for patient treatment as well as the development of national health programs. 

The largest project developed by us in eHealth sector is the Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI), launched in 2004 at the National Health Insurance House, together with HP Romania. 

The objective of the Unique Integrated Information System is the IT-based management of economic and medical data necessary for the efficient functioning of the Romanian health insurance system.

The system is built in a hierarchical structure, having on the top the National Health Insurance House (NHIH), on the intermediate level are the County Health Insurance Houses (CHIH) and at the bottom, in terms of the information system, are the providers of medical and pharmaceutical services.

The main functionalities of the system are:

  • Management of the insured people and of providers of medical and pharmaceutical services. 
  • The records on the insured persons (paying the health insurance tax).
  • Ensuring the control over health services and their quality. 
  • The IT-based management of specific functions of the National Health Insurance House

We are willing and able to contribute to the expansion of the SIUI structure with the functional modules required by the health insurance practices in Romania and from countries with experience in this field. 

In particular, we propose a substantial contribution to carrying out the Patient Electronic Medical Record, the migration of health system in Romania towards an Electronic Health Record (HER) structure, compatible with performances in the other EU countries.

The SIUI development is meant to meet the specific requirements of the European eHealth sector: eCards, ePrescription services, the patient right to a second medical opinion, in parallel with the development of telemedicine, data security, data access services, emergency healthcare services etc. 

We have currently under development HealthCare projects, regarding the Patient Electronic Medical Record and the electronic prescription of medication. 

We are actively involved in projects related to national health programs (f.example: The National Cardiovascular disease Program, the National Diabetes Program, the national programs for hemophilia, thalassemia and other rare diseases, the National Endocrine Diseases program, the National tuberculosis program etc.).

At the international level, , we aim to ensure interoperability with similar systems in the European Union, given Romania's membership to these organizations.

We also activate with encouraging results on the development of Health Information System (HIS) in the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

The National Health Insurance House (CHIH) - integrated information system for the management of NHIH activities covers:

  • 42 County Health Insurance Houses (CHIF) 
  • 11,316 family doctors (GPs) 
  • 3,855 pharmacies 
  • 464 hospitals 
  • 2,689 clinical ambulatories
  • 1,011 Para clinical ambulatories 
  • 4,279 dentistry ambulatories
  • 48 ambulance stations 
  • 153 homecare services suppliers 
  • 2,213 suppliers of medical devices 
  • Over 1,000 internal users 
  • More than 26,000 external users - providers of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Global Concentrateur Nepenthes (France) - management system of the bills flow in the healthcare system.

Ministry of Health of Bulgaria - implementation of the integrated information system for the National Health Insurance Fund in Bulgaria.

We participate along with the Ministry of National Defense in a large project to support military actions, including issues of the military health status (The Information System in Support of Military Actions).



The Bulgarian National Health Insurance House

The Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI)