SIVECO Applications 2011 - an innovative software product for business administration

Our complex IT systems connect companies to a set of resources ordered and related within a system, on several levels: operational, business, management etc.

By accessing these tools, the business environment representatives have a global and comprehensive vision on the development of their companies, from general aspects up to the highest degree of customization for each type of company.

Our solutions address both large companies and multi-national corporations as well as medium enterprises, from various sectors. Facilitating the beneficiaries a higher control of the business processes and relationships between them, these solutions offer economic agents the opportunity to effectively communicate between departments, but also when collaborating with partners, customers or third parties.

As a result of over 15 years of experience in IT solutions development, SIVECO Applications 2011 is the representative Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) product of our company. A quality software product is the sum of its functional features. . From this perspective, SIVECO Applications 2011 blends together a complex data set, features of management, control, analysis and forecasting that support and increase the economic performances of companies.

Choosing to adopt the new IT model proposed by us, companies from the main economic sectors can synchronize their financial- accounting and budgetary activities with the management of fixed assets and inventory objects, while maintaining also a rigorous control on the stocks and acquisitions and wisely managing human resources. The control and optimization of operational flows provided by the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011 finally lead to an increase of efficiency and economic performances within the companies.

Based on an in-depth analysis of all factors involved in the proper functioning of the economic units, SIVECO Applications 2011 radically changes the discipline of internal operation within the organizations.

SIVECO Applications 2011 runs, currently, at over 550 clients from all sectors of activity, including manufacturing, utilities, banking, transport, telecom, public administration etc.

Respecting the requirements of the European IT industry, the ERP system developed by us significantly contributes to increasing efficiency of business processes and activities, being the open, fully integrated and unitary system that improves the main aspects of resources organization and management - human, material and financial - from different economic structures.

Our company has consistent expertise in developing IT based applications for various economic sectors.

Having a major impact on IT restructuring of the companies, we have delivered and implemented own IT solutions to a large variety of beneficiaries, from major industrial clusters.

Our portfolio of clients includes major institutions from public sector, such as:

  • Bucharest City Hall 
  • City Hall of District 3, Bucharest
  • City Hall of Piatra Neamt Municipality
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry Of Communications And Information Technology
  • National Custom Authority
  • Maritime Ports Administration - Constanta
  • National Meteorological Administration
  • Romanian Naval Authority
  • The Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture
  • National Employment Agency
  • National Authority for Fishing and Aquaculture

as well as important private companies. Among them are:

  • Dobrogea Biscuiti
  • Raiffeisen Bank
  • Citibank
  • Aerostar Bacau
  • Servtrans
  • Tiriac Air
  • Med Life
  • Com Auto Meridian
  • Carpatair Timisoara
  • UNICOM Holding, etc.

Through IT-based management of activities - economic, commercial, technical l, human resources, administrative - within organizations, SIVECO Applications 2011 replaces, to a large extent,the human effort, providing companies a substantial support in running basic activities. 

The integration of SIVECO Applications 2011 with SIVECO Business Analyzer, the company's proprietary Business Intelligence solution, increases the quality of "management" process for all the elements involved in the institutions - human capital, financial resources, fixed assets, etc - essentially influencing, the achievement of objectives defined by its beneficiaries.