Software Innovative Vision

Software Innovative Vision is established by SIVECO Romania in the United Arab Emirates and benefits from all the experience, methodologies and know- how of its mother-company.

SIV implements complex projects by leveraging SIVECO Romania’s solutions and expertise combined with the outstanding understanding of the specific culture and requirements in the Gulf Region.


Always Close to Our Customers. In The Gulf.

SIVECO Romania is one of the largest software companies in Europe and has established Software Innovative Vision to serve in the Gulf Region. SIVECO Romania currently operates in 26 countries from 4 continents, being considered one of the world’s leaders in eLearning.

“Our first missions in the Gulf have started 10 years ago, and the first truly important projects in 2005. We do have a history in the region, already an important portfolio of customers, partners and projects, and we have established SIV to be able to deliver projects in a more efficient manner. And to be literally closer to our customers.“

Alexandru Rădășanu, President & CEO, SIVECO Romania


"For the Software Innovative Vision team, customers are always center stage. We are more than honored and happy to have established this company, which relies on the vast experience and premium solutions of SIVECO Romania SA.

To keep up the excellent standards of SIVECO Romania we have selected for SIV a team composed of highly trained and very knowledgeable specialists, with excellent language skills and a perfect understanding of the vital systems in UAE – education, health and business.

We know how to implement complex projects perfectly adapted to UAE requirements.”

Vlad Zaharia, General Manager, Software Innovative Vision


Company Mission

Software Innovative Vision aims to be a regional leader in the field of software integration, by developing eLearning, eHealth, eCustoms and eBusiness solutions.

Large projects. Premium software. From SIVECO Romania

Today, our software matters for...

  • millions of students, teachers and parents building “the future education”;
  • hundreds of organizations with major impact on the business environment;
  • performance-oriented companies which invest in training thousands of employees;
  • thousands of physicians and millions of health services beneficiaries;
  • tens of thousands of beneficiaries of CSR initiatives.

“The projects we develop are complex, nationwide, with a strong social impact.
The international expansion of our business relies on the expertise and good practices in the software development, implementation and integration that we have gained in thousands of projects and hundreds of thousands of working hours.
Our current team includes valuable specialists whose professional skills are competitive at international level. But it is the passionate work of our specialists that plays the key role in the success of our projects.
We enjoy building solutions for the benefit of people. We believe we are one of the wheels in the time machine that takes us into the future”.

We continue to innovate. We believe we are one of the wheels in the time machine that takes us into the future.

Alexandru Rădășanu, President & CEO SIVECO Romania

Partnerships & Memberships

  • Intel Software Partner;
  • ORACLE Gold Partner;
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner;
  • IBM Business Partner;
  • HP Sales and Service Partner;
  • The Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham);
  • The Partnership Against Corruption Initiative (PACI);
  • United Nations Global Compact;
  • Member of the Romanian National Commission for UNESCO;
  • The Integrating Healthcare Enterprise (IHE);
  • NESSI - Networked European Software and Services Initiative;
  • The Romania Luxembourg Business Forum Association;
  • The Tunisian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • Business Software Alliance.