Presence in the Gulf


eLearning Content for United Arab Emirates schools

We can proudly say that we contributed to UAE history by running this monumental project.
Education is the key to success in the current global information economy. More and more countries recognize the importance of education and the effects it has on the economy. The United Arab Emirates country is one of them.
The IT Department within the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates has chosen our company as a partner in developing the project for supporting the teaching and learning process in public schools by the use of digital learning objects.

Pilots projects

We have started numerous pilot projects in partnership with:

  • Ministry of Education,Oman

Over 200 multimedia educational objects were delivered for Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology along with AeL Learning Management System and teachers’ training.

"The AeL objects are indeed a pleasant and powerful learning tool; students love the animations and interactive simulations. It's a complete new way of learning, more efficient. Things that were impossible before are now at fingertips. It may take 10 years for a tree to grow, however this is presented in just a few seconds on computer screens. Students enter within the sun and analyze the solar explosions. Afterwards, they play with the surrounding planets. The learning process is therefore transformed into an exciting activity; a way to discover and explore, to observe scientific principles at work and to apply the abstract theory in everyday activities."

FATHIYA KHALFAN AL-SADDI, Head of E-Learning Section,
Educational Technology Department, General Directorate Of Information Technology

  • Bahrain , Ministry of Education
    Purpose: implementation of AeL Learning Management System 
  • Kuwait, Ministry of Education
    Purpose: implementation of AeL Learning Management System 
  • Tunisia, Ministry of Education
    Purpose: implementation of AeL eContent, 60 Learning Objects