We launched Wand at GESS 2016 and we did great!

Software Innovative Vision LLC and SIVECO launches at GESS 2016 Wand.education, an innovative application for enhancing the teaching process in the Middle East.

Wand.education is an innovative application designed to raise the quality of the teaching process in the Middle East. We have developed this product based on teachers’ needs, to engage students by using attractive and personalized high-quality educational content, and then monitoring their progress. We have decided to launch Wand at GESS, the leading educational hub in the Middle East, and we invite all high-level decision-makers and teachers to see it in action, try it themselves, and sample it free of charge in their schools", says Alexandru Cosbuc, and General Manager at Software Innovative Vision LLC.

During GESS, between 1-3 March, teachers can test Wand.education at the SIVECO booth, and get a free trial for their school. The application helps teachers to reduce the time spent in creating lessons from hours to minutes, to gain more quality time to spend with each student, and profit from interactive games and tasks that will instantly engage learners.

At SIVECO’s booth, visitors can also test other innovative eLearning solutions such as Augmented Reality applications that add value to traditional textbooks. Augmented Reality displays digital three-dimensional representations of images such as chemical element molecules, planets, or tectonic plates, which help students to understand some complex notions and develop their spatial intelligence by a considerable margin; this is the first step towards immersive learning.

Please see our media success at: http://www.me-newswire.net/news/17202/en